Romsey Old Cadets

World Renowned Carnival Show Band

Carnival Show Band

Romsey Old Cadets

We are a Carnival Show Band so, apart from Green Blazer events, the emphasis is always on fun and entertaining the crowds.

Spectators are encouraged to join in and here we see a young boy high-fiving the Drum Major.

This is from 2019 when the theme was Cops and Robbers, and the DM is dressed as the Judge.

Our History

The Romsey Old Cadets have been entertaining he crowds for nearly 60 years.
Old Cadets as Sons of the Sand
Sons of the Sand

The very first appearance of the Old Cadets was in 1963 as Sons of the Sand.

Old Cadets in Pied Piper costume
Pied Piper

Back in 2009 the costume was themed on the Pied Piper.

Old Cadets in Matadors costume

Back in 1976 the theme was Matadors, pictured here at Greatbridge.

Old Cadets in Robin Hood costume
Robin Hood

Our Robin Hood costume was another very popular outfit in 1998.

Meet the Team

We have 6 committee members, plus the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
Martin Wood
Martin Wood

Club Secretary

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

Club Treasurer

Gavin Pierce Club Chairman
Gavin Pierce

Club Chairman

Steve Tesch Club Vice Chairman
Steve Tesch

Club Vice Chairman

Carnival Fun

The band chooses a new costume every year, with the emphasis being on fun.

Robin Hood

The 1998 theme of Robin Hood was quite fitting for a band of such reprobates!

Seriously, though, the band’s focus is charity (as well as fun) and each year chooses a new local charity to support.

Old Cadets in Robin Hood Costume


It was back in 2011 that the theme for our costume was Scarecrows.

This was 30 years after the last episode of Worzel Gummidge with Jon Pertwee.

Old Cadets in Scarecrow Costume


Back in 1995 the costume theme selected was Garden Gnomes.

As well as being loads of fun, this provided lots of colour which helped to brighten all the carnivals we attended.

Old Cadets in Gnome Costume


Another popular costume was Leprechauns.

As you can see in the picture, the Ceremonial Mace used by the Drum Major is often replaced with something more in keeping with the theme.

Old Cadets in Leprechaun Costume